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Major Scale Master: 118 Warm-ups to Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing

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Master the Major Scale

Being able to play and understand the major scale is vital for all musicians. Once you know it, learning melodies, licks, riffs, music theory, and other scales becomes much easier. And the best way to learn it is by making it a part of your practice routine. Major Scale Master is designed to do just that by giving you over 100 warm-up exercises, arpeggios, and licks to help you learn the major scale in a variety of ways all over the neck!

118 Warm-Ups Exercises Designed to:

  • Help you easily navigate the major scale anywhere on the neck
  • Build coordination, muscle memory, finger strength, and dexterity
  • Teach you how to recognize various major scale patterns
  • Build confidence in you melodic ideas and solos
  • Increase your speed and accuracy
  • Improve your timing
  • Learn the major scale in 5 different regions of the neck
  • Understand the three-notes-per string major scale approach

Great for new and experienced players

Whether you are new to the guitar or an experienced player, Major Scale Master will strengthen your technique while building your skill set, taking your playing and understanding of the fretboard to a whole new level.

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Major Scale Master -Technique Master Series Book 3 from The Missing Method for Guitar

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The Missing Method books were born out of the need for guitar method books that simply didn't exist. We don't replicate what is already working well. We strive to create something new to help you become a better guitar player.


Each book is designed progressively to take you through each lesson a step at a time. Whether you decide to use our books with an instructor or go it alone, you we've got you covered.


When we say mastery, we mean it. Each book features enough exercises and sample songs to offer variety and cement your skills.


A BA in Jazz Studies, a Master's Degree in Education, and over 20 years teaching guitar students of all ages means we can stand behind our material 100%.

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