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Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide Jumpstart Course

 Everything you need to know to begin playing guitar

It’s the perfect way to start playing guitar!

In this video companion to Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide, we will explore:

  • How to select a guitar
  • The parts of your guitar
  • Tuning your guitar
  • Fret and picking hand technique
  • What chords are
  • Tips to help you change chords easily
  • An introduction to note reading including accidentals
  • How to read tablature
  • And much more! (Scroll down to view the full curriculum)

It's over an hour of FREE video lessons to help you get you started playing guitar today!

Course curriculum

Your Instructor

Christian J. Triola holds a Master’s Degree in Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Jazz Studies) and has taught guitar for over 20 years. He is the author of The Missing Method for Guitar brand of books, including Beginner Guitar: the All-in-One Guide, the Guitar Chords Master series, Technique Master series, and The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series. Together with his wife, Amy Joy, he is dedicated to creating high quality instructional materials to inspire and empower all levels of guitar player, from absolute beginners to professional musicians.

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