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Our Mission

To create high-quality instructional materials to inspire and empower all levels of guitar player, from absolute beginners to professional musicians.


Christian J. Triola

The face behind the books, Christian creates all of the content for the Missing Method books. His love for the instrument, background in Education, and years teaching guitar to students of all ages has made creating method books a joy.

Amy Joy Triola

As a graphic designer and novice guitarist, Amy Joy does all our major layout and design work, and utilizes her background in education to help make sure each lesson progresses in a way that even the newest guitarists will understand. 

Our Story

Christian J. Triola studied music and education at The University of Akron, and taught guitar for over 15 years before founding The Missing Method for Guitar with his wife, Amy Joy in 2013.

His first book, originally titled The Missing Method for Guitar: Reading Guitar Music beyond the Open Position was designed for his own guitar students, to meet a need he couldn’t otherwise address. But it quickly became clear that the need for such a book went far beyond his own students. Having now taught college writing for years alongside teaching guitar lessons, Christian now had the experience and expertise to create more method books guitar students needed and couldn’t find anywhere else. 

So at the close of 2018, Christian and Amy both left their lives as college writing professors behind to focus on writing books. (Christian writes, and Amy designs and edits.) Since then, that first guitar book has been expanded to become the second book in the Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series, and the brand has grown to include over two dozen titles exploring not only note reading, but chords, technique, and practice. And we’re not done yet.

Please keep in touch. We’re proudly based in Akron, Ohio, home of the Black Keys and Earthquaker Devices. You can find us all over social media, and we post free guitar lessons at

Christian's Story

While in college working on my music degree, I found myself continually frustrated. I wanted so badly to be able to learn songs and other pieces of music faster, but no matter how hard I tried, I found myself learning slowly. Trumpet majors, piano majors, sax majors all around me could look at sheet music and read it down, not perfectly, but well enough to get the gist of a song. And I could too, as long as the notes didn’t move out of the first position. None of the books available at the time taught how to read beyond that position. So I had to laboriously figure it out each time I was assigned a new tune.

So one day, while at home, deep in practice, I had an idea. I took an old Alfred’s Guitar Method Book and plunked it down on my music stand. Then I forced myself to figure out how to read the notes they were teaching in open position but in fifth position instead. It took a little getting used to, but I did it! However, I came across the problem that there were no songs in the book that allowed me to practice reading the first string, since the book only covered first position. So I sat down and wrote out several pages of practice songs just so I could learn the notes A, B, and C in fifth position. Time passed, and I eventually did the same thing with ninth position. By the time I graduated, I was able to read notes anywhere on the neck! But I couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t a book or series of books out there that helped make this easier to do.

The First Book is Created

As more time passed, I forgot about the idea. After graduation, I started teaching guitar regularly, and eventually, my students wanted to learn more of the neck as I had. So I pulled out the songs I had written for myself along with traditional method books to help them learn the neck. But those books weren’t designed for that, so even though my students could read up the neck, they weren’t as good at it as they could be.

A master’s degree in education later, I finally sat down to write what would become the first Missing Method Guitar book. This book started in fifth position and gave my students a way to practice it well. It worked. I was happy. My students were happy!

Since Amy and I had already seen some success with our fiction titles, we decided to put The Missing Method for sale online as well. And without any advertising, it began to sell regularly.

All the while, I not only continued teaching guitar lessons, but Amy and I both taught college writing. Then, in 2016, after teaching at the college level for over 10 years, we decided to focus on publishing, and in March, our publishing company, Tenterhook Books, LLC., was born.

We're just getting started

Now, 20+ Missing Method books later, we have long lists of projects we can't wait to get to, and many happy students keeping us motivated to keep creating more.

We are happy to have you join us. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you on musical journey.

And please keep in touch. You can follow along with what's in progress and what's to come via social media and our monthly newsletter.

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