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Develop Your Technique with the Technique Master Series

Proper technique can avoid injury and enable you to play longer and more consistently. With the Technique Master series from The Missing Method for Guitar, you can work on your technique while you master your scales.

Technique Master Book from The Missing Method for Guitar

Technique Master

53 Warm-ups to Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing

Improve your dexterity, finger strength, and timing! If you are new to the guitar, this step-by-step approach to warming-up will help you build the strength and coordination you need to play more accurately than ever before. If you’ve been playing for a while, you too can benefit from working on your technique because it helps keep your fingers in shape and ready to take on any new challenge!

Pentatonic Master from The Missing Method for Guitar

Pentatonic Master

97 Pentatonic Warm-ups to Take Your Playing to the Next Level

When learning other instruments, most students learn the major and minor scales first. However, the pentatonic is the scale most guitar players start with, and for good reason: it’s like the guitar was built for it. Not to mention that a countless number of songs use it as the basis for riffs, licks, and solos. With Pentatonic Master, you will take your playing to the next level as you learn to easily master the pentatonic scale everywhere on the fretboard.

Major Scale Master from The Missing Method for Guitar

Major Scale Master

118 warm-ups to help you easily navigate the major scale anywhere on the fretboard.

Build Coordination, muscle memory, finger strength, and dexterity; increase your speed and accuracy; improve your timing; and understand the three-notes-per string major scale approach, all while learning the major scale in 5 different regions of the neck.

Technique Master Series Bundle

Want to work your way through the series? We've got a book bundle for that.