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We get it. Learning guitar on your own can be tough.


Scrolling through endless lists of lessons, hoping to find what you need.


Too little or too much info with sudden jumps leave gaps in learning.


When you don't see the results you want.

We Make Learning Guitar Easy

With clear, instructions, a step-by-step progression of skills, and ample practice exercises, our books guide you to build the skills you need to play the music you love.

1. Choose a Goal

Do you want to focus on the basics, chords, notes, or scales & technique?

2. Pick a Book

Choose one that fits your goal and skill level.

3. Learn & Play

Follow the practice exercises until you have them down, and watch your skills grow!

Getting started is easy. Choose a place to begin.

Master Chords

Start with the basis or build on what you know.

Learn Note Reading

From the basics to the highest notes on the guitar.

Improve your Speed & Accuracy

Build your technique and scale knowledge.

Get Started Playing

New to guitar? Start here.

We know you want to play the music you love as quickly & easily as possible

To do that, you need to develop the knowledge and skills to make it happen. The problem is, getting the resources to develop these skills on your own can be time-consuming, difficult, and pricey, and leave you feeling like maybe you just aren’t cut out for a musical life. But we believe music is a powerful tool that can change lives and unite communities, that music is for everyone and music education should be accessible to all. That’s why we created The Missing Method for Guitar. Our books offer a new approach that focuses on developing specific skills so you can play the music you love faster and easier. In each book, you’ll find clear instructions, ample practice, and progressive skill-building. You’ll still need to spend plenty of time practicing, but we’ll help you understand what you are doing and what to practice so you can see results in less time. Just choose a goal, purchase a book or request it from your local library, and start learning today. You can do this. We can help. Let’s get started.

Learn with The Missing Method

Learn Faster

With focused lessons that build one skill at a time.

Learn Efficiently

With ample explanation, practice, & review.

Learn Systematically

With step-by-step lessons that build on each other.

What people are saying

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This is an excellent book for learning how to read music for the guitar for both beginners (me) and more advanced. This series of 5 books makes learning guitar notation and note reading across the frets painless and enjoyable.

— Kerry Nelson

Amazon Review

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series

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This is a really good book for learning your first chords on guitar. The exercises are amazingly helpful in getting the chords into your hands and your head. I’m finding this book very useful and fun too. I recommend it for any beginner.

— R&M Sherman

Amazon Reviewer

Guitar Chord Master 1

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The right book at the right time. It seems basic, but has extended my comfort with playing across strings and strengthened my improvisation. It is more challenging that it might appear at first glance. Money well spent.

— Kurt

Amazon Reviewe

Pentatonic Master: 97 Warm-ups to Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing

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