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Technique Master: 53 Warm-ups to Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing

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Want to know the secret to great guitar playing? It all starts with strong technique and a good set of warm-ups.

You’ve started learning a song you love. You’ve practiced and practiced, but for some reason it’s not sounding like you want it to. Sound familiar? If so, the problem isn’t a lack of talent or dedication; it’s the fact that your fingers aren’t doing what you’re telling them to. The best way to overcome that problem is with a strong set of warm-up exercises. Once you can control every movement, you can go beyond playing the so-called right notes and instead start playing what you feel.

Improve your dexterity, finger strength, and timing

Finger strength and dexterity is something that develops naturally over time, but having a great set of warm-up exercises can get your fingers in shape much more quickly. Technique Master has everything you need to get you started adding meaningful warm-ups to your practice routine.

A Method You Can Trust

With over twenty years of teaching guitar, plus degrees in both guitar (bachelor’s in jazz studies) and education (master’s in education), Christian J. Triola has used that experience to create a focused technique building book series that gives you plenty to practice without making you feel overwhelmed or intimidated. And in the end, you’ll be a better musician for it.

53 Warm-Up Exercises Designed to:

  • Build Coordination
  • Avoid injury
  • Improve your alternate picking skills
  • Increase your speed and accuracy
  • Improve your timing

Great for new and experienced players

If you are new to the guitar, this step-by-step approach to warming-up will help you build the strength and coordination you need to play more accurately than ever before. If you’ve been playing for a while, working on your technique will keep your fingers in shape, ready to take on any new challenge!

Bonus Content!

  • How to Tune Your Guitar
  • Introduction to Tablature
  • Introduction to Reading Guitar Music
  • How to Use a Metronome

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Love the Challenge. Same examples in most part, "not all" but a different way to approach them. Start slow and work up to speed ....... Awesome

— William Quick, Amazon Reviewer

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— Max Reid, Amazon Reviewer

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Technique Master Book 1 from The Missing Method for Guitar

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The Missing Method books were born out of the need for guitar method books that simply didn't exist. We don't replicate what is already working well. We strive to create something new to help you become a better guitar player.


Each book is designed progressively to take you through each lesson a step at a time. Whether you decide to use our books with an instructor or go it alone, you we've got you covered.


When we say mastery, we mean it. Each book features enough exercises and sample songs to offer variety and cement your skills.


A BA in Jazz Studies, a Master's Degree in Education, and over 20 years teaching guitar students of all ages means we can stand behind our material 100%.

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