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Master Left-Handed Guitar

We believe learning something new shouldn't be a chore. For that reason, whenever it'd be helpful to have a left-handed edition, we've done it and will continue do so. That means all the images and diagrams have been flipped for you so you can focus on making music. You'll find left-handed editions available as a option for each book in the Guitar Chord Master series, Note Reading series, as well as Beginner Guitar: The All-in-One Guide.

Left-Handed Beginner Guitar

The All-in-One Guide

Explore everything from equipment, to chords, note reading, TAB, fingerpicking, playing styles, and more. This book includes a brief overview of many major topics so you can determine where you want to focus next. And when you've finished, it makes a handy reference guide.

Left-Handed Guitar Chord Master Series

Everything you need to master chords. Start with basic chords in the book 1, move on to intermediate chords in book 2, and master power chords in book three. Each book contains step-by-step lessons as well as ample exercises and sample songs.

Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series, Left-Handed Editions

Master Note Reading on Guitar. Learn to read and play every note on the fretboard, in all 12 keys. Each book includes practice reading various rhythms and time signatures, and plenty of exercises and songs to solidify your skills.

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