Missing Method 1

Know your fretboard. Build confidence in your playing. Learn songs faster.

Conquer your note reading fears and achieve a new level of mastery over your instrument!

Book one in The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series is your step-by-step guide for learning how to read guitar music. Even if you’ve had some experience in the past, The Missing Method for Guitar Book 1 will take your understanding of music reading to a whole new level!

Why Learn to Read Music?

Learning to read music helps you:

  • understand music theory
  • learn songs better and in more depth
  • write down your own ideas
  • develop your overall musicianship
  • acquire the skills you need to become an independent player, making it easier for you to teach yourself how to play all sorts of music.

It’s Unique!

No other guitar book teaches you exclusively how to read music. All other method books just give you the bare basics. This book focuses solely on learning to read standard guitar notation, and includes tons of practice songs, examples, explanations, and exercises!

Develop Confidence

  • Learn to read and play standard guitar notation in open position (Frets 0-5), in every key
  • Understand the difference between beatand rhythm, and practice with a variety of rhythms
  • Discover why timeis the secret ingredient to being a solid player
  • Practice and play scalesand songs in every key
  • Explore the basics of guitar music theory
  • Hone your sight readingskills

With this book you’ll become a more knowledgeable player, and you’ll be able to read a great deal of guitar music in open position. It also lays the groundwork for learning to read the rest of the fretboard, and helps builds your confidence as you watch yourself improve over the course of the book.

Use this book in conjunction with other method books, by itself, with a teacher, or on your own.

Why wait?

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Already know the basics? Then be sure to check out Book 2 in the Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series and take your music reading skills beyond the open position!

*Need a left-handed copy? We have that too! Scroll down to learn more.

Access the audio files

Audio files are available for each exercise and song in the book. These are available for you to stream online, or download the pack to use offline at your leisure.

Yes, there's a left-handed edition!

We know how frustrating it can be to try to flip images and diagrams in your in your head. No worries. We’ve created a left-handed edition just for you!

The Missing Method for Guitar Left-Handed Edition Cover

Right-handed editions of books 1-5 are now available, as well as left-handed editions of books 1-3. Left-handed editions of books 4 & 5 are now in production.