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Guitar Sheets Songwriting Journal from The Missing Method for Guitar

Guitar Sheets Songwriting Journal

Capture your songs and ideas on paper with The Songwriting Journal. Perfect for songwriters, guitar players, and teachers!

Every songwriter needs to be able to keep track of their best ideas so they can revisit them, develop them, and shape them into exactly what they envisioned. With the Guitar Sheets Songwriting Journal from The Missing Method for Guitar, you’ll be able to write down everything you need in one place: lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and even guitar parts!

Included in this book:

  • 30 pages of lined lyric paper
  • 50 pages of staff paper (in 12 sets, each preceded by a page of half chord diagrams, half lined paper for your notes, lyrics, and more)
  • 50 pages of guitar tab paper (in 12 sets, each with a page to outline your ideas, just like the staff paper section)
  • 8.5 x 11″ bound paperback with premium matte cover

It’s one big book ready to help you organize your song ideas and more!

Also included:

  • A chart featuring all the basic chords
  • Major and minor scales, including harmonic minor
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • A guide to popular strum patterns

Remember: song writing is a process.

The Missing Method Songwriting Journal will help make that process easier and allow you to keep track of all your best ideas.

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