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Streaming audio files are available for each exercise and song in the book. Get them here.

The Missing Method for Guitar

Note Reading in the Open Position

Left-Handed Edition

Unlock your musicianship with the power of note reading.

The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series, Book 1 focuses solely on note-reading so guitarists at any level, from beginner to advanced, can learn how to read standard notation. It introduces you to everything you need to know in order to understand reading guitar music, even if you’ve never read music before. This easy, step-by-step approach starts with the basics and moves forward until you can read every note in the first position of the fretboard.

Put an end to your note reading fears.

  • Learn to read and play standard guitar notation in open position (Frets 0-5), in every key
  • Understand the difference between beat and rhythm, and practice with a variety of rhythms
  • Discover why time is the secret ingredient of being a solid player
  • Practice and play scales and songs in every key
  • Explore the basics of guitar music theory
  • Hone your sight reading skills
  • Develop mastery with hundreds of practice songs and exercises
  • Hear each exercise with free streaming audio files

When you’ve finished, you’ll be a more confident player and a more competent musician. Then, if you’d like to take your skill set further, continue on through the series, learning to read every note in each position of the neck. Each book can be used in conjunction with any other method book, by itself, with a teacher, or on your own.

Why Wait?

Join the legions of guitar players who’ve already started reading standard notation with The Missing Method! Order your copy to start mastering the open position today!

Available in ebook and print from:
Available in ebook and print from:

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