Learn Chords the Easy Way

Guitar Chords Made Easy 1

Guitar students love this book!

This fresh approach to learning chords will get you strumming your guitar in no time! You’ll learn the chords in a systematic, step-by-step order and in a musical context. Plus, each chapter introduces a new set of chords that have been specifically selected to make every chapter as easy to play as possible. Use this book on your own, with a teacher, or as a supplement to any guitar method book. With Guitar Chords Made Easy, you’ll learn all the basic guitar chords and have fun playing them!

Yes, there's a left-handed edition!

We know how frustrating it can be to try to flip chord diagrams in your head. No worries. We’ve created a left-handed edition just for you. Learning to play chords has never been this easy!

Guitar Chords Made Easy 1 Left Handed

Go Beyond Basic Chords

Guitar Chords Made Easy 2

Enrich your playing with new chords, rhythms, and more

Guitar Chords Made Easy, Level 2 is your guide to learning a multitude of fresh new chords, strum patterns, and complex rhythms that will take your rhythm guitar playing to the next level. Learn how to add harmonically richer chords to your playing, including 6ths, 9ths, m7s, add9s and more. (These are the chords used by professional guitarists of all genres, from pop, to rock, country, jazz, and everything in between!) You’ll also learn how to use a capo to change keys quickly and use familiar chord shapes to play a variety of chords! Hundreds of exercises await. Order yours to get started today.

*Left-handed edition coming in February 2019

Upcoming books in this series

Coming Soon

Book 3: Power Chords and Barre Chords

Book 4: Moveable Shapes and Jazz Chords

Book 5: Learn to Build Your Own Chords

Right and left-handed editions will be released of each book. 

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