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A left-handed edition is now available! Find it here.

Guitar Chord Master: Power Chords

Unlock the raw energy of power chords

Power chords are the at the heart of every rock song, but they don’t stop there. They are used in nearly every genre of popular music. Learning power chords also helps prepare you for more advanced chords like barre chords and moveable shapes, by strengthening your fingers and getting you acquainted with the location of their root notes.

Become a Power Chord Master

Guitar Chord Master: Power Chords is your guide for mastering all the different types of power chords in an easy to follow format. While doing so, you’ll learn to navigate the neck as you play them from the open position all the way up to the 12th fret. You’ll learn the music theory behind power chords and how to use them creatively, drop “D” tuning, palm muting, and many useful strum patterns. By the time you’ve completed this book, you’ll be ready to play a countless number of rock songs and tackle barre chords with confidence!

Get the results you want:

  • Cement your skills with over 100 practice exercises
  • Dive into step-by-step lessons that teach you both root position and inverted power chords
  • Test your skills with full song examples
  • Find what you need with a unique quick-reference power chord chart

If you’ve already completed Guitar Chord Master: Basic Chords or have  experience with basic chords and reading rhythms, then it’s time take the next step. 

Order your copy and start mastering power chords today!

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