Guitar Chords Made Easy Level 1: Basic Chords

*This book was previously published under the title Guitar Chords Made Easy, Level 1: Basic Chords.

If you’ve already completed that book, we recommend the second book in the series, Guitar Chord Master: Beyond Basic Chords.

Guitar Chord Master: Basic Chords

Don’t just memorize chords. Master them.

When we first begin playing guitar, most of us start out fussing around with chord charts and chord books. But chord charts don’t show you how to make music. And most chord books are only reference guides. Others either teach too many chords at once or don’t teach them systematically, leaving us scratching our heads as we try to figure out how to make the music happen.

Everything you need to master basic chords
  • Learn basic chord theory
  • Master common strumming patterns
  • Practice the right way with technique tips and example songs
  • Cement your skills with over 100 practice exercises
  • Explore barre chords and suspended chords
  • Find what you need with a quick-reference chord chart

Also included:

  • Streaming audio files so you can hear each exercise and song


Whether you’re just starting on guitar or have been noodling around for years, Guitar Chord Master: Basic Chords will give you the foundation you need to strum the songs you love.

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