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How to Play Silent Night (An Easy Fingerstyle Arrangement)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to play “Silent Night” on the guitar-fingerstyle. Notation and TAB are provided in the video and in the accompanying PDF. This lesson is for those who have some fingerpicking skills and want to play a cool arrangement that sounds great on any type of guitar.

View or download the free sheet music (pdf) here:

Where to find it:

0:00- Intro

1:13-What Makes this Arrangement Different

1:47-The Chords in the song

2:07-The Alternate F Chord

2:51-Fingerpicking Instruction

3:22-Page 1 of the Silent Night PDF

3:30-The Lesson Begins (The First Two Measures)

5:26-The Next Section Starting with the G Chord

6:38-Demonstration of the G Chord Section

6:49-The Next C Chord Section

7:31-Demonstration of Line 2 (G and C Chord Section)

7:44-Line 3 (The F Chord Section)

9:31-Page 2, Line One

10:26-Demonstration Top of page 2

11:12-The Last line of the song

12:11-Demonstration All of page 2

12:45-The Wrap Up

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