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11 Essential Rhythms Every Guitar Player Should Know

How Many Do You Know?

No matter what styles of music you play, you have to have a solid foundation in reading and playing the most common rhythms. This lessons shows you the top 11 rhythms that transcend genre, giving you a solid foundation for playing rhythm guitar in nearly any situation.

So get out your metronome, download the free PDF, and get to practicing.

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1:38-Rhythm 1

3:36-Rhythm 2

6:17-Rhythm 3

7:37-Rhythm 4

8:43-Rhythm 5

10:03-Rhythm 6

12:18-Rhythm 7

13:57-Rhythm 8

15:08-Rhythm 9

16:17-Rhythm 10

17:50-Rhythm 11

19:43-Practicing tips

21:00-The Wrap-up

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