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Note Reading for Guitar Jump-Start

Start reading music for guitar with this free course, which follows the first lessons of The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 1: Note Reading in the Open Position.

Learn the Basics & Start Playing

Through a series of video lessons, I will walk you through the basics of reading music, how to keep time, and how to play various rhythms. Then you'll learn to read and play notes on the first string. By the time you've finished, you'll have a foundation in reading music so you can continue through the rest of the book at your own pace.

Why Note Reading Matters

Sure, you can play guitar without ever learning to read notation. However, learning to read sheet music opens up a world of possibilities to guitar players. Not only does it keep you from relying on chord charts and tablature, but it helps you understand music theory and write your own music.

Professional Instruction

Hi, I'm Christian Triola, author of The Missing Method for Guitar books, and I will be your guide for this short course. Over the past 20+ years, I've taught hundreds of students to play guitar. I'm happy to guide you too through the process of learning to read and play guitar notation.

What You'll Receive

Free PDF

You'll receive a free copy of the first sections of The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 1.

Video Lessons

Each lesson will guide you step-by-step, so you can see and hear, just as you would in a private lesson.

Practice Along

The course includes videos of each exercise and song so you can hear how they sound, and then practice playing along.

Let's Get Started

Note Reading Beginner


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